Our statement on Labour’s remarks towards the Bangladeshi Community

 South Tyneside Green Party 

 1st July 2024 

On Tuesday (25th June 2024), Sir Keir Starmer singled out the Bangladeshi Community for a lack of processing and deportation in a live streamed interview with The Sun.

Further into the interview, Sir Starmer stated “I’ll make sure I’ve got planes going off” and “They will go back to the countries where people come from”.

On the same day, Labour shadow cabinet minister, Jon Ashworth, also singled out the Bangladeshi community stating “When they come from countries like Bangladesh or wherever, we’re going to send them back”.

South Tyneside Green Party find these comments deeply insensitive and worrying, and we will never stand by and allow any of our communities to be scapegoated for political advantage.

South Tyneside’s Bangladeshi community have contributed significantly to our borough for decades, and have been recognised on numerous occasions for bringing their unique culture, ethics, and community spirit to South Tyneside. Their contributions have enriched our local area, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

We believe that targeting specific communities undermines the values of equality and respect that we strive to uphold. South Tyneside Green Party stands in solidarity with the Bangladeshi community and all other minority groups who may feel threatened by such divisive rhetoric.

We call upon all political representatives to promote unity and understanding, rather than sowing discord and division. Our communities deserve to be celebrated for their positive impact, not vilified for political gain.

South Tyneside Green Party remains committed to protecting the rights and dignity of all residents, and we will continue to advocate for policies that reflect fairness, inclusivity, and respect for all; whilst actively challenging dangerous rhetoric born from xenophobia or racism.

The Green Party stance is also clear on the position of immigration. Carla Denyer, co-leader of the Green Party, has also criticised the current, failing system, stating, “The current Tory system is inhumane and ineffective. It fails to treat migrants with the dignity and respect they deserve and often exacerbates the challenges they face. We need safe and legal routes in order to stop traffickers and a system that is compassionate and just, providing real solutions and support for those seeking a better life”

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