South Tyneside Green Party Local Plan Template Response

South Tyneside Green Party

4th August 2022

South Tyneside Local Plan Map

South Tyneside Green Party has compiled this Template Response to the Draft Local Plan 2022 to assist residents in responding to the consultation being carried out by South Tyneside Council. Please feel free to use the whole document or any section of it in making your response, and of course to add any of your own points and information. You need to put your own name and address at the end of the document instead of “Template Response drafted by South Tyneside Green Party July 2022” so that it will count as your response.

You can email your response to – the deadline is 14th August 2022. 

And just to let you know that you do not have to fill in the council’s “Have your say” survey, your email to the above address will count as your response. If you have already filled in the survey or given any other response to the council, you can still send a further email if you want to add more comments and information.

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