Hospital Bus 


 Chris Davies 

 30th April 2024 

Biddick & All Saints, Chris Davies, calls for buses to run directly between our Hospitals

Stock photo of people sitting on a bus.

Healthcare for South Tyneside and Sunderland lies spread out between 2 fantastic hospitals. Yet, despite its critical role in serving patients and supporting healthcare professionals, a glaring issue persists – the inadequacy of the current bus network.

For those reliant on public transportation, accessing essential medical services or simply reaching their place of work has become an arduous journey marked by multiple transfers and lengthy walks. Imagine the frustration of patients, caregivers, and dedicated staff members faced with the challenge of navigating a cumbersome transit system just to fulfil their basic needs.

The reality is stark: a typical journey to South Tyneside District Hospital or Sunderland Royal Hospital often necessitates at least two changes, creating unnecessary stress and inconvenience for those already dealing with health-related concerns. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We are calling upon The North East Joint Transport Committee, Go North East, and Stagecoach to recognise the pressing need for swift and efficient transportation solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our communities. The status quo of the bus network no longer aligns with the evolving needs of the people it serves – it’s time for change.

Patients shouldn’t have to endure exhausting journeys just to attend appointments, visit loved ones in hospital, or access essential healthcare services. Caregivers shouldn’t face logistical hurdles in supporting their family members during times of need. And healthcare professionals shouldn’t be hindered in their ability to provide timely care due to transportation limitations.

It’s time to prioritise accessibility and convenience.

It’s time to bridge the gap between communities and healthcare facilities.

It’s time for fast and effective routes that seamlessly connect neighborhoods to our hospitals.

By investing in enhanced public transportation infrastructure, we can enhance the overall well-being of our communities, ensuring that everyone has equal access to the healthcare services they deserve. Join us in advocating for a transportation network that puts people first – because when it comes to healthcare, every minute matters.

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