David Herbert 

 Cleadon & East Boldon 

I’m proud to be the Green Party candidate in Cleadon and East Boldon for election on the 5th May. Greens are the second largest party in the council. I was 47 votes short of being elected in the September 2021 by-election, so I can win this time. People want the fresh and independent voices Green councillors bring.

If elected, I will work hard to preserve our village life and tackle issues raised by widespread surveying of over development, loss of green spaces, unacceptable traffic and air pollution levels, poor state of roads and footpaths, anti-social behaviour, speeding traffic, fly –tipping and dog fouling.

I joined the green party as they have the policies to truly bring about environmental and social justice. They are the only party to seriously address climate change, the most serious threat to our society and life on Earth. The Greens are not in hock to vested interests and lobbyists, that want business as usual, while paying lip service to green issues. 

I have three granddaughters aged 3,4 and 6 and I want them to have a safe and secure future, which is a major driver for my campaigning. I first worked for British Coal as a management trainee, and eventually became the Area Deputy Head of Safety and Environment. In 1993 I started as a Health and Safety Officer for Newcastle City Council. Latterly I worked as the Health and Safety Officer at the Tyne Tunnel during the construction of the second Tyne Tunnel.  

Now retired, I campaign on environmental matters and to get elected as a Green Councillor. My house is heated by an air source heat pump, powered by solar panels and renewable electricity, and I also have a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle. So I know we have the technology to reach zero carbon by 2050, all we need is the political will to support residents transition to a green future.

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David Herbet and Carla Denyer, Co-Leader of the Green Party of England Wales talking about the Tile Sheds Flyover, March 2022.

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