Fighting Fly Tippers

Cleadon & East Boldon Green Team

22nd November 2022

Save the Green Space/Play Park at Holborn Riverside Campaign Group

Residents have told Councillor David Herbert and local campaigner Shirley Ford that they are concerned about the fly tipping that is still regularly occurring in Sunniside Lane, Blue House Lane and Moor Lane.

David said: “Council enforcement officers are working hard to catch those responsible. They are using new technology including hidden cameras. One case of fly tipping I reported in Moor Lane has resulted in a prosecution.” 

Shirley said: “When I’ve been asking residents in East Boldon about their concerns, some people haven’t known they need to make sure that any business we pay to take rubbish away must have a waste licence for the waste to be disposed of properly. We want to let as many people know about this so we can prevent fly tipping.”

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