Andrew Guy 

 West Park 

Andrew Guy is our councillor for the West Park ward in South Shields.

“I joined the Green Party for several reasons, the most important being that of the environment. Secondly, the residents are truly listened to, presented facts and options, and not dictated to by powerful corporations and organisations hiding behind the guise of democracy in the form of the two major parties. One size does not fit all, and the Green way of having hundreds of smaller self-governing parties which follow principles and not demands appealed to me.”

“Outside of the Green Party, I work in the energy and housing industry. My work ranges from energy consultancy in domestic dwellings, to designing renewable heating systems. Alongside this, I take a real interest in the technical challenges and opportunities to a net-zero world.”

“In the community, I have been part of and set up various resident lead groups. I am a strong believer that decisions that directly affect residents, should come from the residents. Where expertise is required, discussions should be completely transparent and consultations should not be a tick box exercise, but a way for residents to have the last say.”

If you need me, drop me an email, call or Facebook message. When you see me around the ward, come over and say hi.



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