Andrew Guy 

 West Park 

Andrew Guy is one of three Green councillor’s for the West Park ward in South Shields, and Green Group Deputy Leader.

“I joined the Green Party for several reasons, the most important being that of the environment. Secondly, the residents are truly listened to, presented facts and options, and not dictated to by powerful corporations and organisations hiding behind the guise of democracy in the form of the two major parties. One size does not fit all, and the Green way of having hundreds of smaller self-governing parties which follow principles and not demands, along with complete freedom within the local party to vote and act in the interests of the people, and not party politics meant being ‘Green’ was a no brainer.”

“Outside of the Green Party, I work in the energy and housing industry. My work ranges from energy consultancy in domestic dwellings, to designing renewable heating systems. Alongside this, I take a real interest in the technical challenges and opportunities to a net-zero world.”

“In the community, I have been part of and set up various resident lead groups. I am a strong believer that decisions that directly affect residents, should come from the residents. Where expertise is required, discussions should be completely transparent and consultations should not be a tick box exercise, but a way for residents to have the last say.”

 Andrew’s Committee & Working Group Memberships 

Planning Committee

The Committee determines applications for planning permission in respect of major developments as well as dealing with certain other planning related matters.

Audit Committee (Vice-Chair)
This is an advisory committee with the role of providing independent assurance in relation to the Council’s handling of risk management and financial reporting and performance. Cllr Guy is Vice-Chair of this committee.
Licensing/Regulatory Committee
The Committee considers, in accordance with the Council’s Licensing Policy Statement, matters which are functions of the local authority by virtue of the Licensing Act 2003 which are not delegated to the Corporate Director.
Housing Performance Panel
The panel receive regular performance reports, they consider the effectiveness of housing services against South Tyneside Homes Delivery Plan.
Overview & Scrutiny Committee
This Committee approves an annual overview and scrutiny programme for the Council’s “People” and “Place” Select Committees and manages the process. It also operates as the Council’s “call-in” committee for all called-in decisions in accordance with the Scrutiny Procedure Rules.
Place Select Committee
This Scrutiny Committee will review and/or scrutinise decisions made or actions taken in connection with the discharge of any of the Council’s executive functions. The Committee will deal with matters relating to: Asset Management; Cultural Services; Economic Regeneration; Housing Policy; Planning, Built Environment, Development & Control; Regulatory Services and Transport Policy.
Riverside Community Area Forum
This forum covers the Beacon & Bents, Simonside & Rekendyke, West Park and Westoe wards. It is one of five forums that promote and champion our local communities.
Ecological Emergency Working Group
This working group is focused on laying down the ground work surrounding the successful South Tyneside Green Party motion to Full Council.
Climate Change Members Working Group
This working group overviews and steers the action for the successful South Tyneside Green Party Climate Emergency motion. South Tyneside Council is now committed to an ambitious net-zero pledge by 2030.
Appeals Panel

This Panel deals mainly with appeals by individuals against housing allocation decisions and employee related appeals but it is also used to hear appeals in relation to certain other Council services. The Panel will consist of 3 Councillors, whom are selected each time and will be chaired by the Lead Member Governance, Finance and Corporate Services. As the appeals are always of a confidential nature they are always held in private. Due to being a member of this committee, Cllr Guy has additonal strict procedures he must follow surrounding employee conduct and disputes in the public eye above other Councillors.

 Andrew’s External Appointments 

Vice-Chair of Mortimer Community College Governing Board

Andrew a co-opted governor for Mortimer Community College, and has been selected by the board to vice-chair the governors. The role of a governor is ensuring the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction is in place for the school. Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff, whilst overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

Andrew has recently taken on the SEN Link governor role. This role requires Andrew to undetake the following actions:

  • Develop an effective working relationship that allows for appropriate support and challenge
  • Conduct monitoring visits to learn about the school or trust’s context and the needs of pupils with SEND
  • Discuss SEND provision, focusing on how policies are applied and whether any changes are needed
  • Understand the school/trust’s strengths in relation to SEND provision and areas for development
  • Ensure that the SENCo has received appropriate training and is well supported. Seek assurance that staff receive effective and up to date SEND training

Andrew is also on Mortimer Community College Resources Committee

 Surgery Times 

West Park Councillors, Cllr Andrew Guy, Cllr Jim Yare and Cllr Peter Bristow hold their ward surgeries on the first Saturday of every month, 1pm-3pm, at the West Park Veteran’s Hut.

 Latest News From Andrew 

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Changes Finally Coming To Our Roads in West Park

Working on feedback from residents, your Green Party team is pushing for innovate schemes to make your roads safer.

Meet your Green Team

Your Green Party team is here for you all year round. To make support more available your West Park team will be hosting drop in sessions.

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