Jim Yare 

 West Park 

Hello! My name is Jim and I’m a Councillor for the people of West Park, working closely with the amazing Andrew and Nicky.

I’m a lawyer in the energy sector with a background in advocacy, so I’m here to fight your corner come rain or shine! I joined the Green Party initially as a renewable energy enthusiast and found their ‘people first’ approach to local campaigning to be really appealing.

I’m happy to help with anything in the ward, and have a focus on housing and safety issues. My priority is making sure you feel safe in your home, and in your community whilst preserving our area for the next generation.

We’re here to help you and the environment without any of the party politics, and I’m proud to be helping the people of West Park in any way I can. If you see me walking my dog (a very cute Border Collie) through the park feel free to come over and say hi!

You may see me knocking on your door to see how we can help, but if there’s something on your mind my inbox is always open! You can find me on Facebook and Twitter, or by using the contact details on this page.

 Jim’s Committee & Working Group Memberships 

Housing Performance Panel
Contracts Performance Panel
General Purposes Committee

 Surgery Times 

West Park Councillors, Cllr Andrew Guy, Cllr Jim Yare and Cllr Peter Bristow hold their ward surgeries on the first Saturday of every month, 1pm-3pm, at the West Park Veteran’s Hut

 Ward Updates 


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0191 673 3270

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