Rachel Lowe 

 Whitburn & Marsden 

If elected I would join the Green Group and help push to keep the council accountable for stopping the release of sewage into the sea.

Being situated on the coast I am worried about climate change. The Green party will invest in safe, clean, environments and stop putting corporate wealth before our health.

I am concerned about the 2023 building plan that is expected to propose large scale Green Belt development. The low value placed on green spaces shows how much they ignore residents’ wishes.

Vote for me and I will represent you and work hard for Whitburn and Marsden.

Please vote Green on May 5th.

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Email Us: info@southtyneside.greenparty.org.uk

Call us: 07446 258983

National Party Address:

The Biscuit Factory
Unit 201 A Block
100 Clements Road
SE16 4DG

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